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Large-Format, Narrow Band Pass Filters (NBPF) – A Uniformity Challenge Within so many diverse optical filtering applications, large-format (>100 mm diameter), narrow bandpass filters (NBPF) are required to be used alongside large collection optics in order to facilitate specific and selective analysis of a phenomena or the substance of interest.  Continue Reading...
Specifying Optical Filters for Sensor Applications Each sensor application has its own subtleties that need to be addressed in order to choose the appropriate optical filters for each sensing task. This application note discusses the critical parameters for bandpass filters that are to be used for sensor applications, including considerations on in-band transmission, band edge placement, and out-of-band blocking.  Continue Reading...
Using Next-Generation Thin-Film Optical Filters For Fluorescence Imaging And Detection Systems
Using Next-Generation Thin-Film Optical Filters For Fluorescence Imaging And Detection Systems Within any fluorescence application, there are three basic filters that are needed for operation – the excitation filter, the emission filter, and the beamsplitter. Hard-coated, thin-film optical filters are the best choice for these filters in that they provide the highest standards such as improvements in transmission, blocking, and both transmitted and reflected wavefront properties, which translates into bright, high-contrast images,...  Continue Reading...
Enhancing Endoscopy With Optical Filters
Enhancing Endoscopy With Optical Filters Endoscopic examination is a key technique used to diagnose early-stage neoplastic lesions associated with stomach and other gastrointestinal cancers. While white-light reflectance (WLR) imaging has become the standard for in vivo diagnosis using “conventional endoscopy,” this white paper details three alternatives - or supplements - to WLR that leverage the wavelength selectivity provided by optical filters: ...  Continue Reading...
BOROFLOAT® & Optical Mirrors: A Union of Inspiration & Quality
BOROFLOAT® & Optical Mirrors: A Union of Inspiration & Quality BOROFLOAT®, the world’s first borosilicate glass by SCHOTT, is designed to meet demanding performance requirements for optical mirrors, and is now being used for advanced optics all over the globe. This white paper introduces BOROFLOAT®, explains how it is used in the Hobby Eberly Telescope (HET), and describes its exceptional optical and thermal properties.  Continue Reading...
Clear The Air: New Optical Filters For Sensors And Detectors
Clear The Air: New Optical Filters For Sensors And Detectors Environmental air quality; proximity control; crowd counting; climate change; the “Internet of Things”.  Our world has become an increasingly monitored place where the proliferation of sensors and detectors allows us, and our devices, to better understand and interact with our environments.    Continue Reading...
Metal-Mesh Optical Filter Technology for Mid-IR, Far-IR, Terahertz and Submillimeter Ranges Metal-mesh filters are used to selectively filter far-infrared radiation before it reaches a detector. Metal mesh filters improve detection capabilities through blocking out-of-band interferences, can improve the performance of lower-end detectors, improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and much more. They are ideal for increasing system performance for astronomical spectroscopy and space-based applications. This article discusses the benefit...  Continue Reading...
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Optical Filters For Flow Cytometry Optical Filters For Flow Cytometry

Iridian Spectral Technologies designs and manufactures optical filters that are optimized for flow cytometry. These dichroic (FLD) and emission (FLE) filters deliver more signals with less background noise, and are compatible with common excitation sources and fluorophores. They also feature high transmission and reflection levels, low ripple, steep edges, and deep blocking outside of the pass band.

Imaging Color Filters Imaging Color Filters

Iridian Spectral Technologies has designed and manufactured a wide range of dielectric optical filters for imaging and machine vision applications. Featuring steep edges, high transmission values, and high durability, these color filters can be used to improve contrasts, and isolate spectral regions and colors in images.

Specialized Coating Processes Specialized Coating Processes

DSI provides three specialized coating process technologies designed to accommodate the many demands placed on thin film coatings. Each process offers the ability to provide unique solutions, higher performance, increased volume, and much more durable coatings.

Test, Measurement And Support Services Test, Measurement And Support Services

DSI offers its expertise on high quality testing capabilities for many types of resources such as in-house produced materials, as well as independent verification of external coated and uncoated samples for vendor/supplier surveillance, process analysis, and qualification testing. Each quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered and compliant. Environmental testing is also available and is performed in accordance with military specifications.

Glass Machining Glass Machining

Abrisa Technologies offers a broad spectrum of glass machining services that can fit nearly every application-specific customer requirement. With CNC processing and other glass fabrication equipment, this company can manufacture a wide variety of glass parts ranging from simple to the most complex designs. Some of the offered processes performed in-house include notching, slotting, grooving, edge grinding, stepped surfaces, hole drilling, circle grinding, polishing, and sandblasting.

Optical Filters Optical Filters

Acton Optics & Coatings offers bandpass, band rejection, long pass, neutral density, reflective, and solar blind filters for spectroscopy, elemental analysis, environmental monitoring, biotechnology instrumentation, space exploration, and in general research areas.

Fluorescence Filters Fluorescence Filters

Iridian offers excitation, dichroic, and emission fluorescence spectroscopy filters for confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, and other biomedical applications. These three different filter types are often used in a set in order to maximize the desired signal while minimizing the undesired signal.

Raman Filters Raman Filters

In Raman spectroscopy applications, emitted light is very close in wavelength range to the excitation light. In order to attenuate a laser’s signal from reaching the detector while at the same time transmitting the weak emitted light signal, notch or edge pass Raman filters are required. Because of their high transmittance and extended deep blocking, Raman laser line filters are also required to ensure that only the desired wavelength is actually illuminating the sample being tested. This page provides an overview of Iridian Spectral Technologies' line of filters for Raman spectroscopy.

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