Microscopy Videos

  1. Introducing The pco.edge bi For Microscopy Applications

    Dr. Scott Metzler from PCO introduces the pco.edge 4.2 bi back illuminated camera sensor with high resolution and a 6.5 x 6.5 μm² pixel size for high-quality images with quantum efficiency up to 95%. This next-generation camera offers an extremely versatile solution for all of your microscopy needs.

  2. High Speed 5 Axis Micro Drilling Scanhead In 2016

    We were fortunate enough to meet with Taiki Iida at Canon to hear about two brand new releases.

  3. Video: Nanopositioning Applications For Microscopy, Neuroscience, And Metrology

    PI provides a large variety of fast Z-Stages and collar piezo objective positioners for 3D imaging (Z-stack acquisition), deconvolution, and fast focusing applications. These Piezo nanopositioning stages & positioners are essential tools for high-resolution metrology and microscopy applications due to their sub-atomic resolution and extremely fast response times.

  4. Gooch & Housego Introduces The New Fiber-QTM Fiber Coupled Modulators

    The new Fiber-QTM Fiber is a fiber coupled acousto-optic modulator (FCAOM) solution for fiber laser modulation and frequency shifting. These devices can directly control the timing, intensity, and temporal characteristics of the active output from a fiber laser, offering a wider variety of pulse shapes.

  5. The Best SWIR Camera In The World? Watch And Decide For Yourself

    At Photonics West 2015, Mark Donaghy concentrated on just two entries in Rapto Photonics' comprehensive line of scientific cameras – The Eagle V CCD camera for astronomy, bioluminescence, fluorescence imaging, and more, as well as the NINOX SWIR 640 for beam profiling, solar cell inspection, microscopy, semiconductor inspection, and more. Watch the video to learn why Raptor still believes they have the best performing SWIR camera on the market today.

  6. Stable And Low Noise CW Laser Modules

    One of Modulight’s more popular displays at Photonics West this year involved their ML6000 series of laser modules. These lasers are ideal for applications involving illumination, microscopy, optical pumping, fluorescence, and more.

  7. Precise Positioning Results in Higher Quality Imaging

    Stefan Vorndran with PI (Physik Instrumente) gives us a rundown of their precision positioning technology capabilities at SPIE DSS 2013.

  8. Nova Sensors Cameras: From Surveillance To Microscopy

    Tony Vengel, VP of business development for Nova Sensors, gives some background of his company and their cameras covering the full electromagnetic spectrum under their parent company, Teledyne Technologies.

  9. Three-Chip Cameras For Surgical Imaging, Medical Microscopy, Broadcast Applications

    Paul Dempster, director of sales and marketing for Toshiba’s Imaging Systems Division, walks us through their three-chip industrial camera offerings at Photonics West 2013.

  10. Scanners, Sensors, And Encoders For A Wide Range Of Applications

    Ronald Travis, sales manager with Canon USA, introduces us to his company’s line of miniature optical encoders, galvano scanners, laser Doppler velocity sensors, and rotary encoders at Photonics West 2013.