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  1. Ultra-Thin Diselenides Could Supplant Silicon In Next-Generation Electronics

    Layered two-dimensional materials that are as efficient, but thinner than, silicon semiconductors, could power future electronic circuits and devices, according to Stanford researchers.

  2. Scientists Introduce New Light Coupling Techniques To Improve Sensitivity Of Optical Resonators

    Two independent teams of scientists have developed different alternative schemes to couple modes of light and make them coalesce to enhance optical resonators and make them much more sensitive compared to conventional sensing devices.

  3. SunPower Unveils Silicon Valley Pilot Manufacturing Line For High Efficiency Solar Panels

    Solar technology design, manufacturing and installation methods have come a long way in just 20 years, and as a trailblazing solar energy company, SunPower has witnessed the trajectory first-hand. Globally, there is now 305 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity, up from around 50 GW in 2010 and virtually nothing at the turn of the millennium.

  4. First Solar Awarded 241MW Module Supply Contract For Edify Energy Solar Projects In Australia

    First Solar, Inc. recently announced it has been awarded a 241 megawatt (MW)DC module supply contract by RCR Tomlinson Ltd as engineering, procurement and construction contractor for Edify Energy’s Daydream (180.7MWDc) and Hayman (60.2MWDC) solar projects in Queensland, Australia

  5. OSA Laser Congress Plenary To Highlight Ultrafast Laser Systems And Black Hole Detection

    Sophisticated laser systems are increasingly being used for information gathering and sharing — satisfying many critical needs in sensing, free space optical (FSO) communications and advanced imaging of our galaxy.

  6. Massive Particles Test Standard Quantum Theory

    In quantum mechanics particles can behave as waves and take many paths through an experiment, even when a classical marble could only take one of them at any time.

  7. New SQUID-Based Detector Opens Up New Fields Of Study With New Level Of Sensitivity

    Investigators at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a new sensor array-based instrument that offers ultra-low noise detection of small amounts of energy for a number of applications.

  8. Simultaneous Design And Nanomanufacturing Speeds Up Fabrication

    Design and nanomanufacturing have collided inside of a Northwestern University laboratory.

  9. China Launches World's First Commercial 'Unhackable' Quantum Network

    China is set to roll out later this month the pilot phase of the Jinan Project, a key part of what will become the first "unhackable" quantum communications network deployed commercially in the world.

  10. £5M Engineering And Physical Sciences Research Council Funding For Photonics

    Researchers from the University of St Andrews and the University of York have been awarded over £5M from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to research resonant and shaped photonics, which could revolutionise our understanding of the biomedical world.