Featured Videos

  1. Introducing LaserLight: The First Commercial Solid-State, Highly Directional Laser White Light Source

    At the Laser Components booth at Photonics West 2019, Julian Carey of SLD Laser introduces LaserLight, the first commercial solid-state, highly directional laser white light source with a luminance up to 100X better than LED luminaire devices.

  2. Available Canon CMOS Sensors For A Wide Range Of Imaging Applications

    Michael Simmons of Canon USA Imaging Solutions Group introduces four of their CMOS sensors available for a variety of imaging applications ranging from astronomy to the scanning of ancient artifacts.

  3. Benefits Of Using Visible To Near Infrared Specialized Sensors

    At Photonics West 2019, Michael Simmons from Canon USA Imaging Solutions Group walks us through the use and benefits of CMOS sensors designed to capture both visible and NIR wavelengths at the same time.

  4. Why Use System On Modules (SOMs) In Embedded Systems?

    This afternoon we visited the Critical Link booth on the floor at Photonics West 2019 to learn about the benefits of using a System on Module (SOM) in embedded systems.

  5. PG&O Expanded IR Optical Materials And Capabilities

    PG&O introduces new IR optical products and capabilities at Photonics West 2019. These new materials are composed of finished infrared optical components and current with potential applications in biomedical, night vision, military/defense, etc. markets.

  6. Introducing Opto Diode’s New UVLEDs

    Here at the Photonics West 2019, Opto Diode introduces their two new Ultraviolet LEDs, the OD-265-001 and the OD-280-001, that were developed to keep up with customer demands in the shortage of LED manufacturers.

  7. Challenges And Considerations For Precise Metrology Of Thin Glass

    At Zygo’s booth on the first day of Photonics West 2019, Erin McDonnell delves into the topic of challenges and considerations to be considered in the precise metrology of plain parallel optics and thin glass optics. Check out the video for solutions on these challenges including a short coherence measurement method and a wavelength tuning method.

  8. Reducing Program Risk And Cost Through Earlier Supplier Involvement

    Justin Turner from Zygo Corporation discusses how to do so by involving a supplier at an early point in the design phase. Check out the full video for more information.

  9. High-Speed Systems For Visualizing And Qualifying Birefringent Retardation

    In this video, Andrew Bridges from Photron, explains demonstrated results using their series of polarization systems, including the CRYSTA, a high-speed 2D polarization camera that enables you to see the stress in transparent and semi-transparent materials and fluids.

  10. Visualizing And Qualifying The Birefringent Retardation In Transparent And Semi-Transparent Materials

    In this Photonics West 2019 video, Andrew Bridges from Photron walks us through an in depth understanding of the benefits and use of being able to visualize and qualify the birefringent retardation in transparent and semi-transparent materials and fluids.