Editor’s Picks

  1. SPIE Optifab 2015 Returning To Rochester With Sold-Out Exhibition, Latest Methods For Optical Manufacturing

    SPIE Optifab, the largest optical fabrication event in North America, will return to Rochester, New York, in October with a sold-out exhibition spotlighting classical and advanced optical manufacturing technologies.

  2. Mirage Software Automates Design Of Optical Metamaterials

    New software lets users design science-fiction-like materials with the same efficiency that architects draft building plans.

  3. Raptor Launches The Best SWIR / VIS-SWIR Camera In The World

    Raptor Photonics, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital cameras has launched a new member to its family of SWIR and Visible SWIR cameras. The OWL SW1.7 CL-640 is a rugged, high sensitivity digital VIS-SWIR camera.

  4. A Breakthrough In The Study Of Laser/Plasma Interactions

    A new 3D particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation tool developed by researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and CEA Saclay is enabling cutting-edge simulations of laser/plasma coupling mechanisms that were previously out of reach of standard PIC codes used in plasma research.

  5. World’s Smallest Atomic Clock On Sale
    A matchbook-sized atomic clock 100 times smaller than its commercial predecessors has been created by a team of researchers at Symmetricom Inc. Draper Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories.
  6. Hood Technology Announces SWaP-Efficient, Stabilized Imaging Payloads For Unmanned Systems

    Hood Technologymanufacturer of advanced stabilized imaging systems announces the Alticam 11 EO/IR1 payload for small tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  The 4-axis stabilized payload for long-range imaging is also suitable for use in manned and unmanned land vehicles, ground vehicles, aerostats, unstable fixed mounts, and marine systems.  The proprietary imaging system includes customized zoom EO for visible wavelengths and cooled, continuous-zoom for midwave infrared (MWIR) thermal imaging.  

  7. Doubling Up Improves Nanoring Design

    A bimetallic nanoring that generates a short magnetic pulse when irradiated by a laser pulse has been theoretically studied by A*STAR researchers. It shows exciting potential for investigating magnetic switchingand realizing rapid data storage.

  8. AMO And SUSS MicroTec Collaborating In The Field Of Nanoimprint On Development Of UV-SCIL
    AMO GmbH, a private research service provider in the field of nanofabrication, and SUSS MicroTec AG, a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for microstructuring in the semiconductor industry and related markets, are working on the development of applications for SCIL (Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography) with UV curing material.
  9. Red Laser Diodes For Industrial And Medical Applications Introduced
    Opnext’s new laser diodes are suitable for use in laser levelers and measurement equipment and are ideal for use in medical and display applications...
  10. Laser Modules Given Direct Green Light By The Optoelectronics Company

    The Optoelectronics Company has launched a range of direct-emission 520 nanometre (nm) green laser-diode modules that offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and systems integrators a realistic, cost and energy-efficient alternative to low-tech diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) green laser modules.