Editor’s Picks

  1. Newport Announces New ESP301 Three-Axis Motion Controller And Driver
    Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in lasers and photonics solutions, announces the ESP301 three axis motion controller and driver. The new ESP301 is the successor to the popular ESP300 motion controller, providing the same intuitive functionality but with a standard USB interface and an improved, integrated manual front panel interface.
  2. Light Pulses Provide A New Route To Enhance Superconductivity

    Materials known as Mott insulators are odd things. Under normal electron band theory they ought to conduct electricity, but they do not, due to interactions among their electrons.

  3. Lighting Technologies, Principle, And Measurement

    Since long ago, man has compared colors by arranging objects side-by-side and looking at them under natural light (sunlight). Although torches, candles, incandescent lamps and other light sources are also used for illumination, it has always been the standard practice to compare colors under natural light.

  4. Georgia Tech Researcher Is Named Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellow By SPIE And OSA

    SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, and The Optical Society (OSA) have announced the selection of Georgia Institute of Technology researcher and STEM education advocate Ariel Marshall as the 2014-2015 Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellow.

  5. Nanocomposite Labeled Cancer Cells Can Be Targeted And Destroyed Using Lasers
    A nanocomposite particle can be constructed so that it has a mix of properties that would not otherwise happen in nature. By combining an organic matrix with metallic clusters that can absorb light, it is possible to incorporate such particles into cells and then destroy those targeted cells with a laser.
  6. A New Bose–Einstein Condensate Created At Aalto University

    Nearly a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose predicted that quantum mechanics can force a large number of particles to behave in concert as if they were only a single particle.

  7. Imaging Sound Movements Of Atomic Units With An Optical Microscope

    An international team of researchers, led by Dr. Hyunmin Kim of Companion Diagnostics and Medical Technology Research Group at DGIST developed an imaging technique to monitor the sound movement of an atomically thin substance at a high-resolution of 300-nanometer.

  8. Teledyne DALSA Releases New BOA Nexus Smart Bridge

    Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and a global leader in machine vision technology, recently announced the BOA NEXUS Smart Bridge, a complementary device for Teledyne’s DALSA BOA smart cameras.

  9. Venus Express’ Infrared Camera Goes Filming
    An exciting new series of videos from ESA’s Venus Express has been capturing atmospheric details of day and night areas simultaneously, at different altitudes
  10. Researchers Compare Analgesic Effect Of Manual Vs Laser Acupuncture Lateral Epicondylalgia

    A team of researchers from China Medical University and Da-Chien General Hospital in Taiwan (R.O.C.) recently compared the analgesic effect of laser acupuncture and manual acupuncture for the treatment of lateral epicondylalgia.