CCD Cameras Videos

  1. What Is Dynamic Range, And Why Bother?

    Thomas Bauersachs with explains what dynamic range is as it relates to a camera’s capabilities and specifications. Watch the video to better understand its importance and how it can affect your imaging application.

  2. Multi-Spectral Imaging And Sensing

    Marco Snikkers wrapped up our Photonics West 2016 coverage by introducing us to a pixel sensor that acts as an 8-channel spectrometer for biomedical, fluorescence marking, and colorimeter applications, as well as a multi-spectral camera that can monitor specific wavelengths in real-time.

  3. Imaging Solutions From Life Sciences To Defense And Security Applications

    At Photonics West 2014, Raptor Photonics had a variety of EMCCD, sCMOS, and CCD cameras on display. Their VP of sales and marketing Mark Donaghy gives us a closer look at the Kingfisher V 1940 x 1460 CCD camera.

  4. Comparison: Raptor Hawk EMCCD Camera VS. Sony EXview CCD Camera

    This video offers a comparison on Raptor Photonics’ Raptor Hawk EMCCD Camera against Sony’s EXview CCD Camera during nighttime conditions.

  5. SWIR And CCD Cameras For Ultralow Noise and Industrial Applications

    Mark Donaghy, VP of sales and marketing for Raptor Photonics, speaks with us about the Kingfisher deep cooled vacuum CCD camera and the OWL SWIR 640 high resolution, low noise, digital VIS-SWIR camera.

  6. 2D FFT CCD Spectrometer For High-Sensitivity UV Applications

    Jada-Star Mains, application sales engineer with Ocean Optics, tells us about the Maya2000 Pro NIR.

  7. Live From Photonics West 2012: Camera Comparison — Three-Chip CCD Vs. Single-Chip CMOS

    Paul Dempster of Toshiba’s Imaging Systems Division demonstrates the sensitivity and color accuracy advantages of the company’s three-chip high-definition video technology by comparing the performance of Toshiba’s new IK-HD1 three-chip CCD camera with its IK-HR1 single-chip CMOS camera.

  8. Live From CLEO: 2011 - Glacier X TE-Cooled CCD Array Spectrometer Demonstration
    Robert Chimenti, manager, marketing and strategic partnerships at B&W Tek, Inc., introduces us to the Glacier X TE-cooled CCD array spectrometer, which can be preconfigured for fluorescence or Raman spectroscopy.