CCD Cameras Products

  1. Ophir FluxGage System For Measurement Of LED Luminaires With Low Total Luminous Flux

    Measurements include total luminous flux (down to 20 lm), spectrum and color parameters (CCT, CRI, TM-30-15), and flicker for a variety of applications, including automotive, traffic lighting, life sciences, and medical.

  2. EMCCD Camera: Falcon III

    The new Falcon III from Raptor Photonics is a EMCCD – GEN III camera based on e2v’s next generation CCD-351 back-thinned 1″ sensor offering 1 MP resolution with 10 μm square pixels. The Falcon provides outstanding sensitivity and speed through a single output amplifier, and is three times faster than previous generations with excellent linearity and low gain performance. Ideal applications include adaptive optics, astronomy, calcium signaling, fluorescence imaging, spectroscopy, genome sequencing, live cell imaging, and X-ray tomography.

  3. Open Front, Direct Detection CCD Camera: Eagle XO

    Raptor Photonics introduces the new Eagle XO as a high energy version of one of the most sensitive CCD cameras on the market. This open front detector uses back-illuminated 1MP and 4MP CCD sensors from e2v, and comes in 2048 x 2048 and 2048 x 512 high resolution formats. Typical applications include x-ray imaging, x-ray microscopy, thin films and nanofibers, x-ray plasma diagnostics, holography, and lithography.

  4. EMCCD Camera for Extremely Low-Light Conditions: ImagEM®X2

    The ImagEM®X2 takes Hamamatsu’s 512 x 512 EM-CCD sensor-based camera and offers a version with four times the imaging area (without sacrificing resolution) for imaging applications with fewer than 10 photons per pixel. Its high-speed readout of 70 FPS at full resolution and 1076 FPS at sub-array 16 pixel resolution with 4x4 binning make it well-suited for capturing single images of larger molecules like proteins.

  5. High Speed Gigabit Ethernet CCD Camera: Spot Insight

    The SPOT Insight Gigabit CCD cameras combine high resolution, high frame rate, and low noise to provide superior performance for imaging applications. Recent SBIR/STTR grant recipients receive a discount on the Insight Gigabit and all SPOT cameras — learn more in the SPOT Imaging Solutions booth 131 at SPIE.

  6. High Speed Low Light Imaging CCD Camera: SPOT Pursuit USB

    These high speed, low light imaging CCD cameras come in monochrome, color mosaic, and slider configurations. Each model features high sensitivity and fast frame rates, which helps greatly in preserving live cells and fading specimens for imaging and fluorescence applications.

  7. OEM and Custom Camera Solutions

    SPOT Imaging offers a variety of OEM and custom camera solutions – from board level designs for system integrators to fully functional and stand-alone imaging systems. An emphasis is placed on lowering overall electronic noise without sacrificing the camera’s speed.

  8. NIR Spectroscopy CCD Camera: iDus 416 Series

    Andor’s iDus 416 is a NIR spectroscopy CCD camera with peak QE up to 95%, a 30mm wide sensor, a 2000 x 256 15 µm pixel array, and low dark current. It’s ideal for applications involving plasmonics, fluorescence, luminescence, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, absorption, transmittance, and reflection.

  9. 14-Bit UV CCD Camera System: pco.ultraviolet

    The pco.ultraviolet is a 14-bit CCD camera ideal for UV detection, material testing, wafer inspection, mask inspection, spectroscopy, machine vision, high-resolution microscopy, scientific imaging, low-light level imaging, combustion imaging, and industrial OEM applications.

  10. World’s Smallest, Most Rugged EMCCD Camera: Hawk EM247

    Raptor Photonics’ Hawk EM247 EMCCD camera is only 43mm x 43 mm x 57mm and weighs less than 150g. Its size and weight makes for easy integration into UAVs, handheld systems, and robotic systems, and its ultra-low power (less than 5W) makes it well suited for OEM integration into electro-optic systems.