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  1. A Distinct Spin On Atomic Transport

    The group of Tilman Esslinger demonstrates simultaneous control over transport and spin properties of cold atoms, and thus establishes a framework for exploring concepts in spintronics and solid-​state physics.

  2. A New Quantum Data Classification Protocol Brings Us Nearer To A Future ‘Quantum Internet’

    Quantum-based communication and computation technologies promise unprecedented applications, such as unconditionally secure communications, ultra-precise sensors, and quantum computers capable of solving specific problems with a level of efficiency impossible to reach by classical computers.

  3. Laser Versus Weeds: LZH Shows Farming 4.0 At The Agritechnica

    Lasers instead of pesticides - the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) will be showing this Farming 4.0 vision for the first time during the AGRITECHNICA in Hannover from November 10th to 16th, 2019, at the Pavilion of the state of Niedersachsen (hall 21, stand A05).

  4. Resolve Optics Contributes To Space Projects

    Resolve Optics reports on its active participation in designing and supplying robust optical systems for a range of different space projects over the last few years.

  5. Thorlabs Extends MEMS-VCSEL Swept-Wavelength Laser Source Offering To Include 1060 nm

    Thorlabs announced today that it has released next-generation versions of its MEMSVCSEL Swept-Wavelength Laser Sources. The new SL10 series, centered at 1060 nm, complements the already wellestablished SL13 series at 1300 nm and is available with four different sweep rates ranging from 60 kHz to 400 kHz.

  6. Flexible Laser Technology The Key To A Mobile Future

    The world of mobility is changing, the main focus being the electric drive. One thing is clear: electromobility will play a major role in the future. And we are not just talking about cars. Tractors, buses, boats, trains, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles and even planes are all riding the growing wave of electrification.

  7. Alluxa Announces New VP Of Operations, Bill Kastanis

    Alluxa, Inc., a global leader in thin-film deposition technology and high-performance optical coatings and filters, is pleased to announce Bill Kastanis as the new vice president of operations, effective immediately. A highly-respected veteran in optics and photonics, Bill has over 35 years of experience in operations, vacuum deposition, and factory automation.

  8. UB Nanotech Research Getting Boost With New Electron Beam Lithography System

    UB researchers have received a $1M National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to help fund the purchase of a new 100-kilovolt electron beam lithography (EBL) system.

  9. AQT Now Supports Qiskit As Quantum Software Tool

    Quantum computers promise to solve real-life problems that are beyond the computational powers of classical computers. The computational strength of quantum computers is based on an entirely different set of rules for computation.

  10. Ultrafast Quantum Motion In A Nanoscale Trap Detected

    KAIST researchers have reported the detection of a picosecond electron motion in a silicon transistor. This study has presented a new protocol for measuring ultrafast electronic dynamics in an effective time-resolved fashion of picosecond resolution.