Technical Articles

  1. Camera-Based Solutions For High Content Imaging

    This article will help readers to identify their needs and their options when implementing a new camera into a high-content imaging system.

  2. Measuring Surfaces Of Thin Plane-Parallel Optics, The Quick And Easy Way

    Innovative technology enables form measurement of both front and back surfaces of thin optics, simultaneously.

  3. Characterizing Cylinder Surfaces At Each Step Of The Thermal Barrier Coating Process

    Automotive engine manufacturers, seeking to maximize efficiency and reduce emissions, have been using innovative materials and methods to reduce engine weight. One method of reducing weight is to replace the heavy cast-iron cylinder liners, used in aluminum cylinder blocks, with lighter-weight materials that are wear resistant and thermally efficient.

  4. Precision Lead Angle Metrology

    ZYGO helps major automaker implement precision metrology to measure and quantify lead angle of shaft sealing surfaces to reduce friction and improve efficiency.

  5. So Many Parts. So Little Time. The Solution? Smart Setup!

    ZYGO's Smart Setup feature simplifies the process of setting up the sample and instrument for various surfaces and measurement types.

  6. OEM 3D Optical Metrology Sensor Solutions

    Do you have a need for precise, high-speed, non-contact surface metrology and inspection? Are you an OEM manufacturer or system integrator looking to partner with a leading company with the experience to ensure your success? ZYGO's 3D Optical profilers are now available as a fully integrable solution with a long history of successful production integrations.

  7. 3-D Printing Creates Big Innovation From Tiny Parts For Medtech Firm

    Many new health care technologies have advanced over the past decade to enable doctors to perform more procedures in their offices over hospital only settings. However, hysteroscopy — used to identify or treat problems of the uterus — has been slower to respond to this shift. 

  8. 12 Considerations For Thermal Infrared Camera Lens Selection

    There are many factors to be considered when developing a solution that requires a thermal imager or infrared (IR) camera, such as the application, waveband requirement, minimum resolution, pixel size, and the ability to scale production. An element that will impact many of these considerations is the IR camera lens. This white paper offers 12 considerations when selecting the optimal lens for a thermal imaging solution.

  9. Medtech Startup Smells Success With Additive Manufacturing

    Combining the sense of smell with rapidly evolving virtual reality (VR) technology — enabling medical applications including helping soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)— is the mission of OVR Technology, a startup in Burlington, Vt.

  10. Messages From Above - Optical Satcom Lights The Way

    We live in the “Communications Age”, but there is still further evolution to come that will necessitate extending the communications reach even further.  While we have laid down a large physical infrastructure of wireline fiber-optic networks and wireless cellular base stations, the next advances in communications, 5G and machine-to-machine communications, will require “help from above” to blanket literally every corner of our planet with high speed, ultra-low latency, secure networks – telecom meet satcom.