White Paper

Thin-Film Interference Filters For LIDAR

Source: Alluxa

By Alannah Johansen et al., Alluxa


By Alannah Johansen, Amber Czajkowski, Mike Scobey, Peter Egerton, and Rance Fortenberry, PhD, Alluxa

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology is one of the most important and versatile active remote sensing techniques for earth and atmospheric sciences. LIDAR is now being used for obstacle avoidance in autonomous vehicles, urban planning, security, infrastructure development, and many other growing applications. In order to keep up with this technology, LIDAR interference filters need to maximize signal-to-noise ratios by isolating target LIDAR return signals. This application note details how these high-performance, ultra-narrowband interference filters improve LIDAR signal-to-noise ratios in specific applications. Download the full article for more information.