Finished Infrared (IR) Optics

PG&O provides optically clean, polished infrared optics for biomedical, industrial, lasers, military and defense, night vision, homeland security, and surveillance applications. IR materials include calcium fluoride (CaF2), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), zinc selenide (ZnSe), and zinc sulfide (ZnS). The new, finished IR optics operate from 0.75 µm, the near-infrared (NIR) out to 15 µm, the longwave-infrared (LWIR) spectrum. Learn more.

Featured Editorial
Understanding Laser Safety In Fabrication Settings
By Ken Barat, CLSO, Laser Safety Solutions

Many laser standards exist to address the variety of laser use applications, but the fabrication setting is conspicuously omitted. This article details what the basic laser safety requirements for fabrication, as well as what it takes to implement such safeguards.  

Featured Article
Math, Magic, And MTF: A Cheat Sheet For The Vision System Community
By Schneider Optics

MTF is the best proxy for lens performance, but the math behind it and the graphs that depict it often obstruct understanding. This paper demystifies MTF, arming vision system decision makers with the knowledge they need about it to choose the right lens every time.

Spotlight On Optics And Optical Fabrication
When Custom Costs Less Than Standard: The Benefits And Flexibility Of Custom Optical Assemblies
Article | Zygo Corporation

Here are a few questions you might be asking when you’re considering whether to build your own assembly or have it custom-made by an experienced design and manufacturing team.

Understanding Laser-Induced Threshold (LIDT) For Laser Optics
Video | Laser Components USA, Inc.

The process for finding the laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) for laser optics has become increasingly more complex with different considerations for determining measuring and testing laser optics, including the laser’s the wavelength, beam size, polarization, and angle of incidence.

Space, Satellite, and Astronomy Filters and Coatings
Product | Iridian Spectral Technologies

Iridian Spectral Technologies offers filters and coatings for satellites and LEO instrumentation, including large format filters for astronomical observations (single-band and multi-band pass filters), light absorbers/black coatings, dichroic mirrors and beam-splitters, and multi-element arrays.

Aspherical Lenses
Product | HOYA Corporation USA Optics Division

HOYA’s aspherical lenses mold better, have a higher reflective index, and have a lower dispersion than most competitive offerings. These advantages span both their precision molds and preform lenses. 

How Ultra-Thin Glass Fibers Help Doctors Spot Ailments And Save Lives
Article | SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Lighting and Imaging

Finding a balance between highly specialized instruments and patient well-being raises challenges for the manufacturers developing preventative care tools. Endoscopes equipped with lighting and imaging bundles can help doctors and patients catch health problems early.

Cooled vs. Uncooled Thermal Imaging
Application Note | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

This application note describes the difference between cooled and uncooled thermal imaging cameras, and when to use them in applications such as industrial R&D, academics and research, and defense and aerospace.

Application Note | Canon USA Imaging Solutions Group

Canon CMOS sensors offer unique performance for next-generation defense solutions.

Top 10 Reasons To Be Excited About 10GigE
Article | FLIR Systems, Inc - OEM Cores and Components

This article offers the 10 top reasons to be excited about FLIR's 10GigE machine vision camera.

Bulletin Board
Ready-To-Install Value-Added Services Brochure

Abrisa Technologies has added the option of value-added services and the cost-savings of single-point accountability to their suite of coating and glass fabrication manufacturing capabilities. Customers will now be able to complete solutions with laser marking for identification and tracking, add safety or optical films, oleo/hydrophobic properties, install gaskets, and have them delivered to the production line in protective, multi-pack, or cleanroom packaging ready-to-install.

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