Spotlight On Non-Destructive Testing
Active Thermography Solutions: TESTD Series
Product | TELOPS

Telops’ TESTD Series offers nondestructive testing solutions for the evaluation of materials, components, and assemblies. These non-contact IR methods are based on active thermography to detect damage from corrosion, delamination, decay, voids, inclusions, and other irregularities.

Electronic Component Testing: A Non-Contact Sport
Application Note | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

The smaller and more powerful an electronic device becomes, the more damage can be caused from its inherent heat. Designers are continuously looking for ways to keep components cool while maintaining the quality and integrity of performance.

Visible MTF System – Swinging Arm Type
Product | Image Science Ltd

A swinging arm system has the advantage that the field angle can be varied from one extreme to the other in a single continuous movement, which enables EFL and Distortion to be measured easily and accurately.

Clear The Air: New Optical Filters For Sensors And Detectors
White Paper | Iridian Spectral Technologies

Environmental air quality; proximity control; crowd counting; climate change; the “Internet of Things”.  Our world has become an increasingly monitored place where the proliferation of sensors and detectors allows us, and our devices, to better understand and interact with our environments.  

Hermetic Sealing Technology Protects Medical Electronics From Harsh Steam Sterilization
Article | By Jochen Herzberg, SCHOTT Electronic Packaging

Partnering with a glass company to incorporate glass-to-metal sealing into medical instruments can boost reliability and longevity by offering superior electronics protection and providing unmatched capability to be autoclaved thousands of times. 

Do You Know What You Are Really Buying?
Article | Schneider Optics

Datasheets can be misleading, so how do you know what you are really buying? To help optical designers and engineers view optical datasheets more critically and ask the right questions of lens providers, this article discusses key datasheet parameters.

High-Speed Imaging For Military Applications
Article | Photron, Inc.

Studies involving ballistics, survivability, weapon launches, and small and large caliber arms have unique imaging requirements. Download the article to understand what those requirements are, and the high-imaging solutions that Photron has developed to meet them.   

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