White Paper

White Paper: Modeling Information Display Devices With LightTools

Source: Optical Research Associates

Optical Research Associates (ORA®) is the industry's leading supplier of imaging and illumination design/analysis software: CODE V® and LightTools®. Our Engineering Services group is the largest independent supplier of optical systems design with more than 4,500 completed projects in imaging, illumination, and optical systems engineering. ORA was founded in 1963 to provide leading-edge optical design services. ORA's primary vision - to accelerate the development and adoption of optical technology throughout the world - has led to its definitive role as an innovative solutions supplier to the optics industry.

LightTools is a powerful illumination design program based on interactive 3D solid modeling. It combines full optical accuracy with powerful optical and illumination analysis features and an easy-to-learn, fully interactive graphical interface similar to modern mechanical CAD packages. It allows users to model light sources and mechanical parts as well as optical components for many applications and to account for all light paths (including splitters, scattering, and multi-order diffraction). LightTools can be extended through the use of its COM interface, which allows integration with other Windows®- based tools such as Microsoft® Excel and Visual Basic®.