White Paper

Large Format Narrow Band Pass Filters (NBPF) – A Uniformity Challenge

Source: Iridian Spectral Technologies
Large-Format, Narrow Band Pass Filters (NBPF) – A Uniformity Challenge

Within so many diverse optical filtering applications, large format (>100 mm diameter), narrow bandpass filters (NBPF) are required to be used alongside large collection optics in order to facilitate specific and selective analysis of a phenomena or the substance of interest. In each application, the characteristic of the filter is defined by the range and level of wavelengths transmitted/rejected by the filter, the angle of incidence (AOI), environmental conditions, and many other conditions, which makes the successful manufacture of large NBPFs a particular challenge. This white paper addresses each of these challenges, and demonstrates a successful NBPF design solution from Iridian Spectral with a uniformity variation of <0.02%. Download the full paper for more on the design considerations and their benefits.

Iridian Spectral Technologies