High Resolution Beam Profiling Camera With USB 3.0 Interface For CW And Pulsed Lasers: Ophir® SP920

Source: Ophir Photonics


The Ophir® SP920 USB 3.0 Silicon CCD High Resolution Beam Profiling Camera is designed to accurately capture and analyze wavelengths from 190 nm – 1100 nm, with enhanced sensitivity at 1070 nm. The camera features a wide dynamic range, excellent signal to noise ratio, USB 3.0 interface, and BeamGage® beam analysis software. It is ideal for measuring CW and pulsed laser profiles in such high-speed applications as medical imaging, microscopy, or micromachining.

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The SP920 beam profiling camera delivers 1624 x 1224 pixel resolution with a 4.4 µm pixel pitch for measuring beam widths of 44 μm - 5.3 mm. The camera supports frame rates up to 15 fps at full resolution and includes a photodiode synch to capture scattered laser light at even the most challenging nanosecond pulse rates.

For additional specifications on the SP920 beam profiling camera, download the available datasheet.

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